106 Guests • 70 Apartments

81,510 m² total area • 13,581 m² BUILD SIZE

Concept & vision


Serena Wellness is dedicated to improving quality of life by improving the health of its guests. Our mission is to create a peaceful atmosphere by focusing on health and wellness and providing unique experiences. Through the use of environmentally-friendly products and services we will offer a wide range of treatments and education to help improve our guests’ physical and mental well-being.

This includes a luxurious environment with unlimited access to on-site Wellness facilities. Medical care will be delivered on a 24-hour basis by third-party professionals, in the guest rooms, in our on-site clinic, or nearby private clinics and hospitals.

In this unique Health & Wellness Resort guests will enjoy, in a setting of renewal, healing, energy and spirit, a multitude of tailor-made fitness and wellness programs, including physical activities, informal health and lifestyle educational lectures/workshops, cooking classes and many more.

Serena Óbidos Health & Wellness Resort wishes to encourage more sustainable living and ‘green’ holidays, and improve health and wellness away from polluted urban environments. This devoted health and wellness destination combines a commitment to green living with activities and programs focused on being, relating, eating and healing.

The Wellness Guest Environment offered by Serena Wellness is a unique mix of security, independence, privacy, companionship, care, and peace of mind for the guests and their family.


  • Location: Óbidos, Portugal
  • Total capacity: 106 guests
  • Total apartments: 70 (incl. single / double)
  • Total property area: 81,510 m²
  • Approved building area: 13,581 m²
  • Excellent water supply (approved by Portuguese Environmental Institute)
  • Commercial-grade power supply

All 70 rooms are designed to optimize sunlight with terraces facing south, overlooking the beautiful on-site lake and Óbidos Castle.

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On-site facilities

This is more than a place to stay. This is a vibrant wellness environment that offers its guests companionship, comfort and a wide choice of activities that match individual interests.

  • Physiotherapy Room
  • Fitness Center
  • Indoor Heated Pool
  • Medical & Health Spa
  • Beauty Salon
  • Meditation Room & Deck
  • Outdoor Fitness Trails
  • Maintenance Circuit
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Assembly Room
  • Rooms w/ Fireplaces
  • Game Room
  • Cinema Room
  • Library
  • Bookstore
  • 100-Person Auditorium
  • Family Activity Area
  • Convenience Store
  • Computer Centre
  • Chapel
  • Astronomical Observatory
  • Arts & Craft Studio
  • Workshops Building
  • Indoor Parking


Therapeutic Gardens

The therapeutic garden is not intended to cure, rather it is the extension of a quality lifestyle, designed to stimulate the guests to use the outdoor spaces in complementary sensory way.

The Wellness Path

It proposes a network of small paths that will intersect the various gardens in order to create a new event. Its form is characterized by the provision of lines of flooring and / or vegetation. The idea is to create a wide range of courses, within a relatively small space.

The Senior’s Path

The mobility of older people is very important, allowing them to maintain autonomy. So we intend to create a space where users can develop and exercise their motor skills.

The Aromatic Garden

Aromatic herbs sharpen the sense of smell, sight and taste. with natural medicinal properties.

Japanese Garden

An invitation to contemplation, the Japanese garden provides peace and spirituality, and whomever enters this atmosphere will have the distinct impression of being inside a meditation temple. The texture and colors in an Eastern garden are less important than the philosophical, religious and symbolic elements. Its essential elements represent life, instilling feelings of peace and tranquility. These elements include water, rocks, plants and garden accessories.


On the lower level of the property, exists an organic orchard with several species of trees in production: orange, tangerine, fig, loquat, olive, apricot, apple, pear, lemon, cherry, walnut, peach and plum.


A 3,500m² area where four greenhouses will be installed, with fixed benches and germination of plants in racks, a meter in height, designed ergonomically to avoid discomfort.
Two greenhouses are for flower production, two are reserved for vegetables and small fruits.
Besides being a hobby with growing popularity, contact with plants and flowers can bring multiple benefits to a person’s well-being.

Serena Wellness’ landscaping is designed to foster a relationship with the environment, both in terms of continuity of materials, and of movement and accessibility. It is intended to aesthetically enhance the site, and ensure an increase in environmental quality. To this end, many spaces and pathways have been created, each with a unique objective.

  • 25,000m2 of gardens
  • Pedestrian access around entire complex
  • Network of footpaths
  • Central green space for sporting and recreational outdoor activities

Physical activities
& Sports

Activities designed to nurture and inspire, providing health, social, and psychological benefits and fostering a thriving, dynamic community.

  • Gymnastics
  • Water Aerobics
  • Tai-Chi
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Ballroom Dance
  • Walking Tour
  • Golf
  • Fishing

This project is approved and seeking investors now!

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